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How to Find Belkin Router IP?

Finding the Belkin Router IP is the only way to configure the Belkin Wireless Router. As you won’t get the installation disc along with the retail package like for G54/N150 model since most of the process can be carried in an automated method. There is only a way to do it correctly. That is through Belkin Router Login. So, How can you configure Belkin Wireless Router? Just replicate these steps that we will be showing you in this article.

Most of the wireless routers do come with default IP address as they are private and are reserved only for routers. They may vary from one manufacturer to other. If you would like to make some changes to the wireless network, then you must probably need the working default Login address of the Belkin Router.

How do I get into my Belkin Router Login?

This is the most general question that every Belkin users will ask when they don’t know how to configure Belkin Wifi router. After gaining access to the Belkin Router IP, you can control the whole network, the security features and the name that should be broadcasted through the network. Let us explain you on how you can find the router login of Belkin.

Almost every Belkin manufactured routers will have the default IP address of or http://router which is different when we compare it with other router production companies. We firmly assume that Belkin routers do not require any username and password. Both should be left black to login into the router dashboard to make some network changes. In case if it asks for username, then the field should either be blank, or you need to input ‘admin’ instead.

However, it is highly recommended to change the username and password of the Belkin Wireless Router as everyone who connects to the network can able to access the admin panel which allows them to install some malicious programs or can even change the Wifi security password quickly.

If you failed to get the admin dashboard through or http://router, then do the following actions.

Steps to Find Belkin Router IP

Step 1: Open Run dialogue box (Windows + R) then type ‘ncpa.cpl’ to open ‘Network and Sharing Center’.

network adapter settings

Step 2: Select the ‘Properties’ of active network adapter then select IPv4 or IPv6 and select “Obtain IP address automatically’. Exit by saving the settings.

default gateway belkin

Step 3: Open the command prompt, type ‘ipconfig/all’ and then hit enter.

ipconfig belkin

Step 4: You will get all the ugly information. Ignore every part of it and find the label named ‘Default IP.’ It should be

belkin router ip address

Don’t you see it? Then follow these.

Go to Step 2. Now instead of selecting ‘Obtain IP address automatically,’ assign them manually. Check the image below and give the values exactly.

Now repeat the steps 3 and 4. You should see as your Gateway IP. If yes, then go ahead and configure it with the help of Belkin router login page.

That is it. In our next tutorial, we will be showing you how to setup Belkin Router Wireless Network using the Default Belkin Router IP.

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