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Setup D-Link ADSL Router WiFi Password

In this tutorial, we will be telling you the process of configuring D-Link ADSL Router. Before letting you go into the actual topic of setting up the D-Link ADSL Router, let me say what an ADSL Router is. An ADSL Router is a router that connects to a landline phone. Typically, you need to connect the subscriber link to a particular ADSL router then log in to the network. So, it is necessary to tweak the settings of the D-Link Router to enable the WiFi security. Getting router login page of D-Link router won’t take huge time. Just walk through the steps that are below. To demonstrate, I have used D-Link DSL-2730U ADSL Router.

Change D-Link ADSL Router WiFi Password

First of all, you need to change the gateway settings of the network adapter. After making the necessary modifications, do implement the steps in series to get the DLink router login interface to enable WiFi.

Step 1: As the router type is ADSL, open your web browser then type D-Link Router login IP addresses are different for various models. Make sure to check the DLink router manual to get the right IP address. It is must change the settings of D’Link router manually.

Step 2: When you prompt to enter the username and password, enter both as “admin”

Step 3: You’re now within the admin dashboard. The initial page would be like “Setting up your Internet.”

dlink router login

Step 4: Select “Setup Wizard” and then you will see what you are going to do at a glance.

Step 5: If you would like to change the device login password instead of “admin” then you can modify under “Change Device Login Password” section.

dlink Change Device Login Password

Step 6: Setting up the time and date is n’t matter as it picks the data from the PC. If you wish to change, you can do it here.

Step 7: In this section, you need to select the country and ISP and then enter the login details of ISP depending on the type of connection like PPPoE or Bridge, etc.

D-Link ADSL Router

Step 8: This is the last move. Enter the SSID name and Phrase key type as “WPA2-PSK”. Type the password below and that would be your WiFi password.

dlink router wifi password change

So, after implementing all these steps in sequence, do save and reboot the DLink ADSL Router without any fail. Only after restarting the D-Link router, the modifications will take effect.

Congratulations. You now enabled the Wifi security of D-Link router manually by logging into router login page of D-Link.

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