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How To Find DLink Routerlogin IP Address?

Have you got your first DLink WiFi router?

Would you like to secure it by knowing the DLink Router Login IP?

If the answer is YES, then you are at the right place. When I first tried to get my DLink Router Login page, I almost failed at most of the instances. Later I got to know the better procedure in unveiling the routerlogin for DLink routers.

Here you will learn how to access DLink router settings from the admin console. Generally, the login IP addresses of the wireless routers vary from manufacturer to manufacturer. But, every router does come with the instruction booklet where you can find out the router login IP address.

Before letting you know the exact DLink Router Login IP, let me tell you about how these IP addresses work to set up the WiFi routers.

There are two kinds of IP addresses. One is a Public IP address, and another is Private.

The one that you get along with the DLink router is Private IP. These are used to access the admin console of the devices like Wireless routers.

So the question is, how it will trigger the settings panel of the router?

DLink Router Login Page

Here you go!

Soon after finding your DLink Router Login IP, it is recommended to change the network gateway to the particular private IP whether it could be like or

Now, whenever you try to open the gateway IP address through any browser, it will first try to communicate with the local devices. In our case, it is the DLink WiFi router.

Sometimes, few router manufacturers will assign a domain name to the private IP address like or dlinkrouter.local. This is because it is quite difficult to remember all the wireless routers login IP addresses rather than provider domain address.

I have seen many of the Internet users are in search for Dlink routerlogin net which is pretty incorrect. is a website assigned for Netgear Routers to access the login page.

How do you find DLink Router Login IP?

When you first get the Dlink WiFi router, it will on for the open network. When someone in the apartment or neighbors connect to it, they can modify the settings of the router by using the default credentials.

So, it is must to change the necessary settings by knowing the DLink WiFi router login IP. Here are the two methods to identify the DLink Router Login IP.

Method 1

First of all, try to find the user guide of the Dlink router. In the manual, you will get the exact login IP address along with the password.

Note: While configuring, always connect the router to the PC through the LAN cable. Do not use WiFi network to alter the settings.

Method 2:

Step 1: Firstly, connect the router to the computer and power it on.

Step 2: Assuming that you are with Windows ecosystem, open the Command Prompt (CMD) and type the command

ipconfig /all

Step 3: From results, know the ‘Default Gateway’ which is your Dlink Router Login IP.

dlink router login ip

Step 4: Now try to open the IP address using any web browser. Use the Dlink router default username and password to modify the WiFi settings.

You can try this procedure to any router model like DIR 600M etc. If you report dlinkrouter.local not working, then I highly recommend you know the gateway IP address by following this tutorial.

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