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Learn How I Fixed Not Working Issue!

Are you facing an issue of getting an error showing the page cannot be displayed or is black when you try to login into your Netgear Router or the similar one? As per my knowledge, it might be because of improper router connection, conflicting with other reserved IP addresses, or the Router IP address is modified by any other user who got access to the wireless router. The error page would be the same for all the above-listed queries that show the router admin login page cannot be displayed or is blank. Let’s troubleshoot not working issue by using Netgear Router. not working

For this tutorial, I’m will be using Netgear AC1200 Smart Dual Band Wireless Router. If your’s is different, no need to worry. These clarifications are generic and can apply these actions to any router on the market like Linksys, D-Link, Belkin, etc.

Solve Not Working Error

When you get ‘Page cannot be displayed or is blank’ message when you try to access router admin page, there might be several reasons that cause this error. Let’s try to fix one by one that will help you to solve the ‘Router Admin page cannot be displayed’ issue.

How to connect the Router? (Mandatory)

This is the first step you need to check. Follow this article to know How to connect Netgear Router to the ISP. Almost every good router come with four LAN ports and 1 WAN port. You can easily differentiate both by its color. WAN port usually is in yellow and LAN ports in black or blue. If you connect them wrong, you will never see a router login page when you type

Issue with Anti-Virus

Trust me. I banged my head on the floor for about 4 hours to know the cause. If you have a Mac or Linux computer, probably this won’t be an issue. You can skip it. But, Windows users! Be here.

antivirus router page not working

If you are a Windows computer user with an AntiVirus software installed, then you must and must uninstall it. Do not try to exit or pause the protection. That won’t work here, unfortunately. From experience, you just need to proceed ahead to uninstall the AntiVirus program if you have any except Windows Defender to fix not working problem.

You might have a question here. ‘Can I use an Antivirus later?”

Of course, You can use by changing Netgear router default IP! Follow this tutorial to know How you can change Router Login IP address.

Reset the Router

First of all, you need to ensure that the entered router IP address is correct or not. In case, if someone changed the default IP of the router, then it is evident that you can’t access the same with

reset netgear router

In that worst circumstance, we suggest you reset the Netgear router or any. By resetting the wireless router, all the settings will be restored to factory or default options. Finally, we recommend you to check the manufacture guide to back up the router that helps to restore the factory settings later.

In most cases, uninstalling the Antivirus software will solve the issue of getting ‘Page cannot be displayed or is blank’ error. In this way, I solved not working problem by troubleshooting the router.


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