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Accessing US Netflix Content with a VPN?

Netflix content from the United States is not always available to all users globally because of copyright constraints. In some cases, too high distribution costs make it infeasible to make content accessible internationally through mass media.

As a matter of fact, UK, France, Mexico, Brazil and Australia are some of the countries which do not get full access to Netflix content. Around 4200 movies and TV shows are available to Canadian Netflix users in contrast with 8300 media options for the US customer base.

Access Netflix Content for Non-US Users

VPN is the most popular alternative to accessing Netflix outside the United States. A Virtual Private Network masks the user’s network connection to unlock access to Netflix content. Masking portrays that the connection originates in the United States and allows access to available content.

Access Netflix Content VPN

VPN access for non-US users has two controversial aspects. First, cloaking the actual location is not legally acceptable. On the converse side, when users disclose their exact location, they end up paying the same monthly subscription even with the limited choices.

Netflix’s Position on the Legality of VPN Access for Users outside the United States

VPN access for restricted Netflix content by users outside the United States is a serious issue. The restrictions imposed on regional access do not adversely affect Netflix. However, full restriction of VPN access is not possible for Netflix. Users might still be able to access content in spite of preventive measures.

Accessing Netflix outside the United States with a VPN connection is a punishable offense. Non-US users must be aware of legal mandates in the context of Netflix access. In some cases, Netflix might levy certain fines for violating company laws and regulations. In fact, the blacklisting process is well underway, especially after May 2016. However, the ban on VPNs is not all encompassing.

Some Examples of Restrictive Access for Canadian Users

Netflix restricts access to certain titles for users belonging to Canada. These include Apocalypse Now, Face Off, Ghost, Frasier, Grey’s Anatomy, Footloose, Flashpoint, Memento, Men in Black, Mission Impossible, Highlander, Drive, Cheers, and Capote to list a few.

On the converse side, some titles are available exclusively to Canadian users. Some of these include Children of Men, Butterfly Effect, Coach Carter, Dexter, Flight, Gamer, Ghost Busters, Grudge 2, Grownups, Hackers, Hostel, Halloween, In Time, The Karate Kid, and Inside Job.

In essence, the argument about VPN access for Netflix content is here to stay for some time. Netflix might not be able to levy restrictive mandates immediately for outside access. Most users, on the other hand, feel that using a VPN to connect and access Netflix content is justified since they are paying a competitive price for the same.

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