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IP Address – How to Use it?

The IP address serves a range of IP addresses on the Local Area Network (LAN), defined by the generic representation 192.168.1.x, where x can take on any values between 1 and 255. Home broadband routers take as their default address, which belongs to this range. Cannot be Used as an IP Address

A network is composed of devices identified by IP addresses which belong to a continuous range or pool. The first number in that range determines all other addresses available to that network. Since 192.168.l.0 supports the 192.168.1.x range as a whole, it cannot be assigned to a single device as this makes it unusable for any other purpose.

There are grave consequences on the overall network resulting from this action. When a network administrator assigns as a static address, the overall network stops functioning until the device is offline. IP Address

However, a network, which has a large address range can allow 192.168.l.0 to be assigned to a single device on that network.

What Makes the IP Address Significant

The IP address falls in the range of private IP addresses starting with It is a private IPv4 network address which does not allow either ping tests or connections from other external devices. can be found in network routing tables and can be used to share network information. The internal binary representation of the IP address is: 11000000 10101000 00000001 00000000

What Other Address Can be Used on Private Networks

A typical router carries the IP address, with network clients taking on higher addresses including, and so on. can also be used as a home network router’s local IP address. To set up a private network, the serves as a logical starting point. The address also works well.

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