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A Quick Guide Working with IP Addresses

IP addresses are effective means to identify computers or network devices communicating over computer networks. It is the core body to find the location of the device in a very point of time. As there are two types of IP addresses, one is Static and other is Dynamic. Each have their individual pros and cons. A few basic operations on IP addresses are summarized in the sections that follow.

What is the Notation for an IP Address

An IP address is written with numbers which are separated using dots. This notation is referred to as the dotted decimal notation. and are typical examples of IP addresses. However, millions of devices, each identified by an IP address is connected to form an Internet network. Within these, there are private and public IP addresses.

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How do you Lookup your IP Address?

Depending on the type of computer in use, you can go ahead and lookup your own IP address. Different utilities are available for different operating systems, which will help you lookup an IP address belonging to either your system or someone else’s system. For example say like will let you find your own IP address.

What are the Most Common Problems with IP Addresses?

You may have to assess and manipulate IP addresses if certain problems occur while a system is trying to connect to a network. Some of the common networking-related problems occur when a computer does not have an IP address, when two computers have the same IP address or when the IP address is not suitable to allow network communication. You can use the IP address release/renew technique to solve these problems, setup a static IP address and test network function, or update your subnet configuration.

You will have to test them in series one after the other to identify the culprit causing the IP conflicts. Once everything is clear, you’re good to go.

IP Addresses and Identity and Location Privacy

Sometimes, you might encounter privacy concerns with respect to your IP address since it is visible to other users on the Internet. Your geographic location and Internet use can be tracked through your IP address. To address this issue, you can implement techniques to help you hide your IP address and increase your privacy on the Internet.
Also, Dynamic IP addresses are tough to find as they change frequently. But, it is not impossible to track the location of the operating person.

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