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Are Wireless Speakers Right for You?

Technological advances have made wireless speakers widely available. It offer a feature set similar to the traditional speakers, with additional flexibility. Wireless speakers provide all functions including playing MP3 music or streaming podcasts. These speakers are also an excellent choice for smartphones.

How to Choose Wireless Speakers that Work Best for You

Wireless speakers are available in different models and offer a range of functions. However, you must be careful when opting for a wireless speaker set that costs less. Low-price models produce distorted sound output. Higher-end models invariably offer high-quality audio playback and also serve the purpose for a longer period. Some key features you must consider when picking the right wireless speakers to include:

  • Appealing design and superior sound quality
  • Compatibility with different industry standards
  • Connectivity with a range of devices
  • Light weight and portability
  • Excellent battery life for extended playback

Are Wireless Speakers right for you

What Types of Wireless Speakers are Available?

Some of the different types of wireless speakers available to choose from include:

  • Radio Frequency speakers for home stereo systems – RF/IR speakers, can be used in place of traditional wired speakers in some arrangements. When the rear speakers are replaced with a wireless speaker set, the need for pre-wiring is eliminated. Subwoofers can also be wireless, as their placement can be more optimized with respect to the room setting. RF stereo systems include radio transmitters which are embedded inside their amplifiers. These radio transmitters send out wave frequencies for other speakers in the setup. Infrared speakers (IR speakers) work on slightly different frequencies and are not able to penetrate walls and physical objects.
  • Bluetooth and Wi-Fi Speakers – Bluetooth speakers are often paired with smart phones and tablets. The connection is in the form of a short range link to enable streaming of playback to the host device. Bluetooth speakers are portable and powered by battery units. Bluetooth speakers offered by popular brands including FUGOO and UE are much smaller than other wireless speakers. Wi-Fi speakers, on the other hand, send and receive signals over a TCP/IP connection in a home network. Wi-Fi speakers do not rely on the very short range connections employed by Bluetooth speakers and are hence available for use with audio systems available for the home.

Wi-Fi speakers require AC power and are generally not run on battery units. Specialized Wi-Fi speakers are available by specific vendors including Sonos for home Wi-Fi networks and AirPlay speakers for connecting with Apple i-devices or iTunes. Specialized wireless speakers are offered for a higher price. Most AirPlay speakers also support Bluetooth.

Limitations with Wireless Speakers

These can sometimes be affected by signal interference from household gadgets that work with radio signals. Signal interference affects sound quality considerably. The need to plug wireless speakers into wall outlets hinders with their portability and can become a limitation for an engaging user experience.

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