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Is the Internet the Same as the Web?

The Internet is a massive web of devices including mainframes, cell phones, personal computers, music players, soda pop machines, GPS units, and car alarms. The Internet encourages free information sharing between connected computers.

The Internet allows the exchange of signals between millions of people, as it is a broadcast medium. The term ‘Net’ is used to refer to the hardware which works through the use of minimal predetermined standards. The Internet was also called the ‘Information Highway’ during the Clinton administration. However, the Internet serves a much more advanced purpose in recent times. Software packages created for the ‘Net’ connect millions of users together.

The hardware used on the Internet is a complex combination of wireless routers, satellite connections, high-speed fiber optic cables, and regular network cables, for connecting the broad range of devices together. The Internet is not governed by a single administrative authority and is a medium for free marketing and publishing across the globe.

the internet vs web

There is no particular qualification to be a user of the Internet. Any person with a cell phone, computer or any other device designed to work on the Internet can enable the use of the Internet with the help of a free or paid connection. After logging on to the Internet, you can receive and broadcast all kinds of messages.

The Internet is a short term to refer to the massive collection of computers and cables or the interconnection of computer networks. Millions of government computers, personal and business computers, are connected to information highways to transmit information.

The Internet – How it all Started

The ‘Internet’ first came into being during the 1960s when the ARPAnet was executed as an experiment by the US military to enable communications in the event of a nuclear strike. The ARPANET was used as a means to maintain communication by the US army force.

Over time, ARPANET evolved to become a civilian experiment and was used to connect mainframe computers in universities together, to serve academic purposes. The use of personal computers grew during the 1980s and 1990s, along with the growth of the Internet. The growth of the Internet was exponential after that, and the user base developed and expanded rapidly.

The Internet is currently composed of millions of personal computers and those belonging to the government and commercial enterprises. All these devices are connected through the use of cables or wireless signals. Although no single authority governs the use of the Internet, technical and hardware standards are enforced to allow people to connect to the Internet for broadcasting and networking.

The Web as a Huge Collection of HTML Pages on the Internet

The ‘Web’ or World Wide Web is a large subset of the Internet for broadcasting HTML pages. Web browsers are free software applications that enable users to view pages over the Hypertext Transfer Protocol. Hyperlinks allow Internet users to navigate from one page to another, among 90 billion public web pages and 300 billion private or invisible pages on the web.

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