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Basic Differences between the Internet and the Web

You might sometimes make a reference to the Internet and the Web as the very same concept. However, they belong to two very different, but related categories. You must need to have both to full fill the need. Internet without the web is like a glass with no water. There are several assumptions on this topic and we recommend you to go through the entire article to know the major differences between the Internet and the Web.

So, What is the Internet?

The Internet refers to the hardware infrastructure and can sometimes be just known as the Net for short. Millions of computers connected with cables or wireless signals, together represent the Internet. The Internet is intended for personal, business, or government purposes. Devices running on different hardware platforms communicate through the Internet seamlessly. These devices include vending machines, handheld devices, personal computers, tablets, and wrist watches.

The very first Internet was called the ARPAnet at the time when it launched as a US military experiment during the 1960s. Later on, the ARPAnet diversified to serve academic purposes. During the 1980s and 1990s, the Internet grew connecting devices in millions through wired and wireless network hardware and protocols.

the internet the web difference

The Internet is a free broadcasting medium, without any centralized ownership to govern information exchange. However, hardware and software standards exist and are continually refined to ensure optimum network performance.

What is the Web?

The web refers to content that is served to the Internet uses. Web content is served as HTML pages and accessed through web browsers. Users access static content such as encyclopedias and dynamic content on weather, traffic, stocks or sales.

The Hypertext Transfer Protocol is the underlying mechanism for navigating between web pages, from among the billions of web pages available globally. The Web forms one the largest repositories of information available today.

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