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How Do I Change My Linksys Router Admin Password?

When your Linksys Router is placed in a crowded place, it is must to monitor the security of the wireless router. It is important to change the administrator password of the Linksys router regularly where many of other devices have access to the administrative settings. To prevent the unauthorized users to access the core settings of the Wi-Fi device through the web based interface, it is always advised to change Linksys router admin password frequently to avoid unwanted router access.

Like many of the other network devices, Linksys also uses the default router username as ‘admin’. The devices like Smartphones, Laptops, Smart TV’s which are connected to the same network will have access to the web interface of the Linksys router. With just the default IP, unauthorized users can change the WiFi username and password and can restrict the owner from being accessing router functions.

Change My Linksys Router Admin Password

In the case, whether you already changed the default password of the Linksys router and forgotten it, you may proceed to check the guide on how to reset the Linksys router to default settings.

How Do I Change My Linksys Router Admin Password?

To know the actual method to change the router administrative password, you first need to know the default login password. Of course the username would be ‘admin’ and find the password from the instruction booklet. I assume that it would be ‘password’.

This is not the tutorial to change WiFi password and you can check this guide to change Linksys default username and password of the Wireless network, in case if you’re interested.

Linksys Smart Wifi Change Admin Password

The steps you need to follow to change the Linksys router admin password are listed below.

Step 1: Open the web-based setup page of the router by entering or (or any think similar). Login with the default credentials (Refer the instruction booklet).

Step 2: Under Connectivity (For Smart WiFi router), find the space to change the router password. For some routers, you need to find the same under Administrative settings.

Linksys Smart Wifi Change Admin Password

Step 3: Enter the current password and new password.

current password and new password

Step 4: Save the settings and reboot the router.

In this way, you can change Linksys admin password in just seconds. Why don’t you share this topic with your friends when it helped you to protect the wireless device from intruders? Do it now for me 🙂

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