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How to Change Your Linksys Router Name (SSID)?

Unlike every wireless network router’s, Linksys router does come with a default name which is also called as SSID. You can call this as Service Set Identifier. As the name implies, it identifies the service that is broadcasting with in the defined range. Users can connect to it to establish a strong network signal. However, there are some security concerns when the SSID is left unchanged with the default name. To be precise, all Linksys routers will have the default SSID as Linksys followed by a random number or the model number of the Wi-Fi router.

change linksys router name ssid

When the intruder scans for all the available Wi-Fi points, the default name of the network broadcasted might reveal the exact model of the Linksys Wi-Fi router. By knowing the specifications of the router, it would become easy to the intruder to crack the network password without any much effort. So, now let’s see, how you can protect the broadcasted network by changing the default SSID of the Linksys Router. Also, I’m here using the Linksys Smart Wi-Fi Router to explain the procedure. Make sure to find the appropriate menus in case if you use the standard WiFi Linksys router.

How to Change Linksys Router SSID Name?

For any type of the router, the method is same. You may find the difference in the placement of the menu.

1. Let me tell you from basics. To change the Linksys Router Name aka SSID, firstly, you need to login to the admin dashboard of the wireless router. For this, it is suggested to connect the router to the Computer using Ethernet cable or via WiFi. Troubleshooting becomes easy when you do with Ethernet.

2. Once you connect the router as described, try login into the router admin dashboard using or through

3. With the help of default login credentials, get under the administrative control. If you forgot the details, learn to reset Linksys router.

4. Now find the ‘Wireless’ tab and here find the ‘Wireless Network Name SSID.’

5. Enter the desired name to change the Linksys router name.

6. Finally, hit ‘Save settings’ to apply the changes.

This is how I personally choose to change Linksys router name via the admin router login. Feel free to contact me in case you find this way difficult. It is always suggested to change the Linksys SSID frequently to avoid any kind of network losses. I personally found many queries regarding the same issue. Hope this helps to change Linksys router name SSID of yours.

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