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IP Address Explained

Linksys home broadband routers have a default dynamic IP address range which usually starts with Any network device which is configured to work with this address range can be allocated a private IP address like

Default Local Address of the Linksys Routers

Linksys routers usually take as their default local address. The routers make IP addresses available to connecting devices through an automatic DHCP service. Home network administrators use the router console to view and modify network settings. as the Default Starting Address

This IP also defines the default “Starting IP Address” in the network pool of the Linksys router. Furthermore, the IP address is taken by the first device which connects to the router. When a different address is chosen for this purpose, the address serves the function of a generic address in the DHCP range.

IP Address

Working with on the Private Network

A private network for home or business use can take the as the private IP address for all router types. In this case, it can be assigned as a static address or be part of the DHCP pool. However, this IP address must not be assigned manually when it is still part of the DHCP range. Simultaneous assignment of this sort might result in an IP address conflict. To determine whether a device is currently assigned the IP address, you can run the ping test from any network system.

This test has to be run from a local system on the network. And not from any other connection over the Internet. Alternatively, you get access to address assignments for devices on a network through the router console, where a list of DHCP addresses is displayed. Finally, is like any other IP address of the IPv4 class on the network. It does not guarantee improved performance or added security.

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