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How to Configure Linksys Router?

Setting up a Wireless Network with a Linksys Router is simple. Mostly, everyone who want’s to be flexible with their office or business network will prefer to have the best router that handles the network traffic with ease like a Linksys router. As most of the users who don’t have technical knowledge on configuring the wireless routers like Netgear Router or Linksys Wifi router will find the configuration part as difficult. But when we consider Linksys routers, they are meant to have a very quick access to their administrative settings by just connecting the modem to the router. When everything seems to be okay, you can save the setup within a click.

configure linksys router

If you just got the Linksys Wireless Router then probably you are on the right path. First of all, find the Linksys Router IP which is the core and vital part of this process. How can you do changes when you don’t know what the login IP address is?

Of course, you have the installation disk. To be frank, it only permits you to change few settings (i mean very few) like changing SSID and securing your Wifi with a password. It won’t let you use priority setting, parental controls, etc. So, it is better to configure Linksys Router at it best with this manual procedure.

Configure Linksys Router

To setup Linksys Router correctly, you need to know the IP address of the Linksys wireless router and the default password of the wireless router. You can find the password just behind the router or within the instruction manual. Let’s move forward.

Step 1: Open the web browser then type which is the IP address of Linksys router.

linksys router ip address

Step 2: You will get this login screen. In this tutorial, I’m using Linksys AC 1200 Smart Wifi router. This screen may differ from model to model.

Step 3: Enter the default password to login. For Linksys, you don’t need any username.

linksys router password

Step 4: After getting into the dashboard, you will see a friendly user interface. You can do whatever you want here like using Parental control, prioritizing the media, configuring dual wifi bands, securing the Wifi network, etc.

linksys wireless router setup

Step 5: To change the broadcasted SSID and Wireless network password, move to ‘Wireless’ tab then make necessary changes. As it is the Smart Wifi router, the changes will reflect instantly. For general routers, you need to Save and Reboot the Linksys Router.

linksys router setup

How simple is that! In my view, it will take no longer than 5 minutes. Try it. If you face any issues while configuring Linksys Router, make a comment below.

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