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Linksys Router IP to Setup Linksys Wireless Router

Identifying the Linksys Router IP is the only way to setup Linksys Wireless Router via the web-based interface. Although the auto configuration settings wizard sets up the Linksys Router with all the necessary selections, it is recommended to strengthen the security or can tweak the settings furthermore through the web-based user interface. Every user of Linksys will get an installation disc and a manual guide with the retail kit. The disc might help but not fully configures the router. The only way to setup the Linksys Router is by recognizing the RouterLogin or the Linksys Router IP. Let’s see how you can set this up within few minutes by knowing the Router IP of Linksys.

In general, there are two kinds of IP addresses. One is Private, and another is Public. The one which is used by ISP providers are Public, and the router manufacturer holds few IP addresses ranging from 192.168.x.x to 255.255.255.x called Private. These private IP addresses are helpful to configure the wireless router correctly by just logging into the router using the Linksys login credentials.

So, the questions are, How to know the Linksys Router IP? What are the Linksys Wireless Router username and password?

Linksys Router IP

How to Find Linksys Router IP?

There are explanations to the questions mentioned above. Obtaining Linksys Router IP will no longer take few seconds. However, before going through the technical stuff, I would like you to try with the default IP which is Below are the steps to follow.

Common Steps

For both the methods, these are the steps in common.

STEP 1: Take your Linksys Router, turn it back and note down the SSID name and Password. You can even find the manual with these details inside the retail packaging.

STEP 2: If you did the step 1, then it is the time to connect the router in the right way. Just check the image below to understand better.

If you are using Optical Fiber Connection (OFC) or DSL, do follow this connection.

configure linksys router

In case, if you are using a standard RJ45 connection, you can connect the router directly to the Internet. However, you need to authenticate to the network every time you like to use the Internet.

linksys smart router ip

STEP 3: Now the core part. As this tutorial is all about setting up the Linksys Router and finding the Linksys Router IP, these steps are must follow.

Method 1- NonTechnical Stuff

1. Open the web browser (prefer Chrome) and type which would be the Linksys Router IP. You can even try adding http:// and that becomes

2. If it asks for login details like Linksys username and password, then it is great. In that case, you can jump to Step 4. If the response is like ‘Page Cannot be displayed’ error, then you should probably try the Method 2.

Method 2- Technical Stuff

Because of the network gateway, the router may return an error message as ‘Page cannot be Displayed’. You should change the default gateway of the Ethernet or Wifi network that propagates to Linksys Route IP. Let’s do that.

Make sure to have a LAN cable (for Windows) or Thunderbolt to Ethernet Converter (for Mac) if the settings go wrong when you configure the Linksys Router wirelessly. Of course, you can reset Linksys Router to factory settings and can reconfigure it from scratch wirelessly, but just in case if you have those, keep them with you.

1. Open Run dialogue box (Windows Key + R) and type ‘ncpa.cpl‘ to get the Network Adapters.

network settings linksys

2. You need to find the active Internet connection that might be either through Ethernet cable or Wifi connection. Once you find it, select ‘Properties‘ by right clicking on the active network adapter.

linksys router properties

3. Select IPv4 and choose ‘Properties‘ again. Here enter the values exactly as showing in the below picture. The default gateway should be

setup linksys wireless router

Do note that you may or may not get the Internet when you manually use IP address. However, you have to revert the IPv4 settings back to normal when you complete the configuration part of Linksys Router.

Check Linksys Router IP Default Gateway?

You can check the computer default gateway address through command prompt by following these steps.

  1. Open Command Prompt (cmd) by opening Run dialogue box (Windows Key + R).
  2. Type this command ‘ipconfig/all’ (without quotes) and check for ‘Default Gateway.’
    linksys router ip address
  3. It should show if you change the IPv4 settings correctly.
    linksys routerlogin

Once you get into the router dashboard, you can change the SSID name, login password, Routerlogin address, Wifi password and much more. You can configure Linksys Wireless Router using the disc, but few settings could not be modified in this way. So, it is preferable to setup Linksys Wifi Router by using Linksys Router IP. 90 out of 100 will fail to do this. We hope that this tutorial will help you to resolve the issue in finding Linksys Router IP.

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