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How to Reset Linksys Router?

Is your wireless router behaving weird? Or have you misremembered the password of the router? Then you must reset the Linksys Router. Resetting the wireless router will revert the changes to the factory default settings and user can reconfigure it from scratch. We recommend you follow these actions in the worst case. First of all, attempt to power cycle the equipment. If the query that you’re facing still exists, then go on to reset Linksys router.

reset linksys router

Note: Hard resetting the wireless router like Linksys will obliterate all the stored information or settings. Please take a backup like a username/a password (in the case of PPPoE) before executing the steps.

How do I reset Linksys Router?

Generally, people do reset the router if they forgot the changed username or password. And in some cases, if they face some peculiar behavior with the router like frequent disconnections or misconfigurations etc. If you fall into this category, then proceed further with the steps of Linksys router reset.

Steps to reset Linksys Wireless Router

Step 1: Take the router into the hand and turn it to the back.

Step 2: Find the small slot named ‘Reset’ or any orange color button with the same label.

how do i reset linksys router

Step 3: Take a paper clip or any sharp edge pointer then press the reset key hard for about 10 seconds until all the lights of the wifi router flashes once.

Step 4: Now with the help of Linksys Router IP, the user can login to the wireless router with the help of default credentials.

Finally, after resetting the Linksys Wifi Router, you can configure Linksys Router manually and can change the settings as you like to have. Unleash few more settings by tweaking it manually using router login IP address. Also, let us know if something interrupts you while implementing these steps on how to reset Linksys Router. We can help you out.

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