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Can’t Login to Netgear Router?

Not able to login to Netgear Router?

Don’t be panic. It doesn’t mean that the router got damaged or something else. It is because of the change of Netgear Router Login IP address or in the case of forgetting the default password. Actually, Netgear Router comes with fixed settings like Router login IP or say URL and credentials. In case, if your previous network administrator is well enough there might be some cases of changing the default settings of Netgear Router. However, we can easy change those within few seconds to minutes. All you need to have some patience to implement the steps that we are going to list them below.

Cannot Login to Netgear Router

So, what would be the first step. Getting login page of the router. Right?

Exactly. It is fact. Without getting the page to enter the credentials, how come we can perform the tweaks. So, let move ahead of getting the Netgear Router Login IP address.

cant login netgear router

For the Windows Operating System:

  • Open the command prompt and type the following command “ipconfig”
  • In the extracted information, find “Default Gateway” IP address.
  • Ofcourse, it is the router login IP.

For Mac Operating System:

So, it is clear. If this is the issue, we can overcome it by following above mentioned steps.

What if you are getting the login page by typing or

Obviously, you are entering the credentials wrong. Try referring manual or enter the following details

Username as: admin

Password as: “1234” or “password” (without quotes)

Mostly this will solve the issue. If you still get the same login page again and again even after enter this info, then proceed further to reset the Netgear Router to default settings and repeat the same steps. Hope you will never again do a search for “Can’t Login to Netgear Router?”


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