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Change Netgear Wifi Password on Windows/Mac

This current guide will teach you how to change Netgear WiFi password or security key or passphrase of the Router on both Windows/Mac platforms. We strongly suggest you perform this task using Ethernet cable and not through OTA (Over the Air) because if an issue arises, it’s not that easy to reconnect to router dashboard through WiFi to change the corrupted configuration. I hope you got the point of what I mean. Now let’s proceed further to learn the way on how to setup or change Netgear Wifi Password within very few minutes. Just replicate these steps at your end to reset the wireless password of the router Netgear. Also, you can even do this action by using Netgear Genie Application.

netgear wifi password

With every brand new router, there you get the default WiFi login credentials which can be used to change the wireless or security configurations easily. But it is not suggested to use the same for a long time because the probability of guessing the security key is high. So, here are the steps you should know on how can you change the WiFi password of a Netgear Router.

How Do I Change My NETGEAR WiFi Password?

Step 1: It is obvious that to change the configuration, it is must have access to the dashboard of the Wi-Fi router. Use the following IP addresses or URL to get it.

Step 2: Enter the default username and password of the router to get in. Note, both are case sensitive.

username: admin

password: password

If the above login credentials don’t work, then you might have changed the default values with your own. If that was the situation, follow this tutorial on how to reset the router to default values.

Step 3: You will get the Smart Wizard which looks precisely like below image.

change netgear wifi password

Step 4: Now in the left sidebar of yours, find Wireless settings under Setup root.

setup wireless password of netgear router

Step 5: Now you will be taken to the Wireless settings page where you have to change the password of the Wifi router. In case if you’re using dual-band router, you will get two SSID names one for different bands. You have to enter the security key or passphrase or password in the box to the right side.

Find or change the wi-fi password

Step 6: In this step, Apply the settings and reboot the router to reflect the changes on all devices connected.

After the successful reboot, a user needs to re-enter the new password to get connected with the network. No worry, all the devices that were already in the network will get disconnected automatically since now it routes to different security key.

You may ask us if you find any difficulty in this tutorial. We’re happy to assist you in this issue of changing Wi-fi password on Windows or Mac.


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