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How to Connect Netgear Router to the Computer?

Have you got the new Netgear Wireless Router to Home?

Would you like to call the support to connect the Netgear Router to the Computer?

Then just wait for a while.

You don’t need to poke the network support team to configure your wireless router fully. Instead, you can manage it with a simple process. I’m here to guide you.

The procedure is quite similar whether you get the high-end router or the basic one. All you need to have the active Internet connect from the better Internet Service Provider (ISP).

Well, let me explain you few things. There are entirely two ways to connect the Netgear Router to the Computer. But of course, you can only follow any one of the ways depending on your ISP. Confused?

No need to worry. Let me throw some light.

There are two types of Internet connections. One directly connects to the wireless router like Netgear and another one is like connecting the line-in cable to the router through a Modem. Hope, you got me!

So, now, let’s see the how can you do this.

Connect Netgear Router to PC with Modem

how to connect netgear router to computer

This is the one who has a modem between the ISP and the Netgear wireless router. The process is straightforward. Here are the steps.

1. Take the network cable of ISP and connect it to the Modem.

2. Now take a LAN cable and connect it to the output port of the Modem and input (colored port) the same LAN cable to the Netgear Router.

3. Now take another LAN cable and establish the connection between the Router and the Computer.

4. Now power-up all the devices using power adapters.

How to Connect Netgear Router to Computer without Modem?

If your ISP supports this feature, then you can follow this method. You don’t need to have a modem between the ISP and the Router to browse the Internet.

1. Connect the ISP network cable to the router colored input port.

2. In this step, take the LAN cable and connect it to the output port of the router and input the second end of the cable to the Computer.

3. Power-on the device by connecting the power adapter.

For those who would like to connect the router to the Computer through WiFi, you don’t actually need the second LAN cable that goes to the PC. Once you establish a connection from the ISP, just connect to the Netgear default SSID using the default WiFi security key that can be found on the router itself or from the instruction booklet.

Most of the modem’s and WiFi routers do have the same router login address. In this case, you need to turn off the modem when you try to login into the Netgear Router dashboard and vice-versa.

Follow this video if you need clear instructions about this procedure. They did an excellent work around this concept. Hope this might be useful for you in connecting the Netgear Router to the Computer in a right way!

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