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NetGear Genie to Manage, Monitor your Network

What if I say that you can manage all your network from your palm? Don’t get confused. It’s true. Netgear came up with their new application called Netgear Genie where users who owns the same brand router can access it by just installing the application on their smartphones. Currently this Netgear Genie is available for both Android and iOS users. So, what actually it do? You may question me. Just, let you know the core features of the same application termed Netgear Genie – A simple app to manage, Monitor, Repair your network from Smartphone.

It is a simple mobile application which is available to Netgear users from the respective stores. Upon installing this unique app, you can monitor, manage your network with great UI from the smartphone. It is possible to stream media from other device within the same network with the help of DLNA, control allowing the user to use your network, restricting a user, parental control and many more.

netgear genie

Netgear Genie house few other great features like accessing wireless settings, viewing network map, grating access to guest user, traffic monitor meter, My media etc without booting your physical computer. All this from a single application called Netgear Genie.

Currently, 27 Netgear routers are supporting Genie and the list can be viewed from their official website.

How Netgear Genie useful to you?

This is definitely be a question to ask yourself first before downloading the app directly. Do you have Wifi Television? or Many Smartphones? or Your home houses with frequent guests? etc. If you get the answer Yes!, then this Genie app for you. Let’s move ahead and download the application from the respective stores.

This is just makes your smartphone a remote control to the entire network or even to a smart TV. iOS users can print the documents wirelessly using Apple’s AirPrint feature.

Just give a try once. I strongly believe you wont regret after using Netgear Genie App. Keep sharing.

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