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Router Admin Page Cannot be Displayed (Solved)

When you try to access the web interface of Netgear Router dashboard, are you getting an error saying “Page cannot be displayed” on the console? Probable you might have attempted with the following addresses that returns a black page:,, or There are different reasons for this cause and it can be solved at the end user by troubleshooting the network settings. In this current tutorial we will be showing you on how to get Netgear Router Login page by rectifying the error “Page cannot be displayed” blank page. Let’s get started!

How do I access my Netgear Router?

There are distinct ways to accomplish this task. Make sure it’s all about default gateway IP address. If you’re sure that you haven’t changed the default IP address of the Netgear Router, then access the admin page of router using the IP listed at the back of the wireless router. You can even move ahead to know the gateway IP address. If you aren’t sure, then make a decision to reset Netgear Router to default settings.

netgear router page cannot be displayed

Step 1: Physical Connection Troubleshooting

Majority of the routers will have 4+ Ethernet ports each will be separated from others. These ports are useful to insert the main internet access cable or DSL connection cable. One end of the cable to go into these LAN port and other end of the same wire goes into the CPU LAN plug. You will hear a click sound if it inserted correctly. Otherwise, remove the cable from the ports, clean them and gently insert them in their respective LAN ports.

Step 2: Changing default gateway

This step will surely work if you are getting “Page cannot be displayed” blank page repeatedly while accessing the admin page of Netgear Router with default values. What we have to do is to change the default gateway value to route the ping correctly that returns the login page of Netgear Router. If you feel this process difficult, try configuring using Netgear Genie software.

First, open Network and Sharing Center or just enter the command “ncpa.cpl” in Run dialogue box to get Network settings window.

system network properties

Here, based on the connection type (Wired: Ethernet, Wireless: Wifi), select the properties.

ethernet properties

From the Networking options, select “Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4) then again select “Properties”.

ethernet properties ipv4 change

Make sure to choose “Use the following IP Address” and fill the values exactly as shown in the image. Confirm all the changes by selecting “Ok”.

netgear admin page cannot be displayed

Note: Make sure to revert back the changes after configuring the router with ISP provided IP addresses. Otherwise, you won’t be allowed to access the Internet.

What this will do is, when we try to access the admin dashboard of Wifi router, it will first move to default gateway. When it matches with default value within the router, it will authenticate the connected modem which will return you a page asking to enter standard credentials.

Now finally try to open the webpage with the default IP addresses of Netgear Wireless Router (here in this tutorial it’s (default gateway)). We’re sure you won’t get the blank page with a message showing “Page cannot be displayed”. If you are prompted to enter the username and password then follow this tutorial showing you how to configure Netgear Router correctly.


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