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Configure a Netgear Router as a WiFi Repeater

What if I tell you that it is possible to extend the Wifi signal of current or old Netgear Router within the budget? Yes. It can be done with few models of Netgear Routers that come with Wireless Distribution System (WDS), which acts as repeater function. Normally, there are dedicated devices, which actually extends the current signal strength of broadcasted network. Every brand new wireless router includes a documentation part where it shows the setup procedure of using Netgear Router as Wifi Repeater. Now we are here to show you how to configure a Netgear Wireless Router as Wifi extender.

Use Netgear Router as Repeater

There are different dedicated devices like rangemax etc which will do the task as range extender do. However, converting the existing routers as repeaters will cut down the expenses. So, lets get started on how to do it correctly.

netgear router as a repeater

For Router 1 (Main)

1. Firstly connect the Netgear Router to the computer using Ethernet cable and try to open the administrative settings dashboard that can be access through or Refer this tutorial if you are not able to get the login page of Netgear Wireless Router.

2. Enter the default login credentials or changed one’s like as admin as admin and password as password.

3. Now under “Setup” select “Wireless Settings”, make a note of Network name, mode and channel.

4. Enable the WEP security by entering the security key in the respective fields provided.

5. Click on Apply to save the changes.

As a final step, go to “Wireless Repeating Function” held at Advanced tab then take a note of MAC address of the Router 1 (Main). Now make sure to disconnect the Router 1 from the computer and then connect Router 2 (Repeater) which can be used as extender.

For Router 2 (Repeater)

1. Try to login into the router just like above and make sure to configure it to match the settings with Router 1 like mode, security (WEP) etc.

2. Now under Maintenance Tab, find “Router Status” and get the IP Address under LAN port.

3. Enable “Wireless Repeating Function” by writing down the MAC address shown exactly on the console by choosing “Wireless Repeater” from the list of options available.

4. Here enter the IP address of Router 1 in the respective field by deselecting “Disable Wireless Client Association”. Also enter the MAC address of the Router 1 into the base station MAC address box.

5. To save the repeater settings, click on “Apply”.

Now disconnect the Router 2 and connect the Router 1 then access the administrative settings by visiting or page. Move to “Wireless Repeating Funtion” page and then make sure to check “Enable Wireless Repeater” and “Wireless Base Station”. Do not forget to uncheck “Disable Wireless Client Association” then enter the MAC address of Router 2 in the respective field available. By doing this, both the routers will communicate each other which is the essential part of range extender. Finally finish the configuration by selecting “Apply”. Incase if you have any issues do let us know via comment section. We hope that this tutorial will help you on how to configure Netgear Router as a Wifi Repeater.

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