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How to Reset NetGear Router to Default Settings?

There are wide varieties of Netgear Routers around in the market with bunch of handy features. Mostly the basic routers performs really well by considering the technicality behind like configuring Netgear Wireless Router etc. In case, when a normal user gets a switching router for home network purpose, he might be unaware of the settings that should be done to let the device function as per the requirement. There might be some situations that arises to change the default password of the Netgear Router. In that case, if he forget the changed password to make fewer modifications to the settings in future, the only way to get in is by hard resetting the Netgear Router to default settings. However, the process will change depending on the model and here are the steps that should be done to reset Netgear router to default settings like password etc.

Reset NetGear Router To Default Settings

We here mentioned the couple of methods which is for the basic routers and another one having the ‘Wireless & WPS’ reset button. Let’s get in to the topic straightly.

Reset the NetGear Router To Default Settings

For most Netgear Routers (Reset Button method)

Step 1: Take the router into your hand and search for the label ‘Reset’ on the back of Router.

Step 2: Switch on the router and get a pen or paperclip (with insulation). Gently press the reset button and keep it for 20 seconds or more until all the service lights blinks up.

Step 3: Now, open the Netgear Router Login IP Address then enter the default credentials like Username as ‘admin’ and password as ‘1234’ or ‘password’.

reset netgear router

That’s the first procedure for normal or basic routers.

For Advanced Routers

Just confirm once by trying login using default credentials on the Netgear Router Login page. If it fails, then follow the below steps.

Step 1: Find the label with ‘Wireless & WPS’ and gently press it for 10 seconds or more until all the lights blinks up.

Step 2: This will hard reset the Netgear Router settings to default allowing user to change any values by getting the admin page.

Hope this tutorial helped you to reset Netgear Router to default settings. If you still face any problem, mention them in comment section. Happy to help. Keep sharing.


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