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How Do You Reset Your Netgear Wireless Router?

If you are experiencing an unstable Internet connection or when the router is malfunctioning, then you should reset your Netgear wireless router to factory default settings. It is not an exceptional condition as most of the users do go through this phase depending on their preference. Apart from troubleshooting the router by resetting the device, you should revert the default login credentials of the Netgear router by doing the help of these steps. There are majorly two methods to reset your Netgear Router to the factory default settings, and it advised to choose any one based on the details available. Here in this tutorial I will show you both the ways and pick the one as per your convenient.

how do you reset netgear router

How do you reset Netgear Router?

To reset Netgear router to factory settings, all you need to perform few tasks manually. There is no automated way to troubleshoot the wireless router. You must need to have the physical access to the device to reset Netgear router. Trust me. This is straightforward and easy.

Method 1: via Netgear Router reset button

Careful. When you factory reset Netgear Router, all the data including ISP login credentials will get wiped off without any confirmation. We suggest you note the sensitive data anywhere on a piece of paper before moving ahead.

Step 1: First of all, turn your wireless router ON and take it into your hands.

Step 2: Try to find out the reset button on the back of the device and using a pen nib or paper clip, press and hold it for about 10 seconds until the power light restarts.

Step 3: After a minute, the router must function normally as it should be. After that, use the default username and password to setup the Netgear Wireless Router.

Method 2: via Router Admin panel

Go with this method only when you know what you are doing. This doesn’t brick the device, but you should get access to all the core settings of the wireless router. If you change any other options that might cause a serious issue. So, be aware of that.

Also, you need to know the login credentials of the router either the default ones or the change details. If you don’t remember them, go with the first method.

Step 1: Connect the Netgear Router as it should be.

Step 2: Now open the web browser and open the website or or If you get a black page, check this tutorial to solve not working issue.

Step 3: Enter the default factory login details of the Netgear router (normally the username is admin, and the password is password).

Step 4: Here, go to Maintenance tab then choose ‘Backup Settings.’

Step 5: Finally select ‘Erase’ which is under ‘Revert to factory default settings.’ Reconfigure the Netgear Wireless router once the reset was done.

Here is the video walkthrough of the tutorial to reset Netgear Router to factory default settings.

Let me know if you need any additional support. Drop your query in the comment section down below, and I will try to answer them as soon as possible with the best solution on how do you reset your Netgear Router to factory defaults.


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