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Setup Netgear Nighthawk Smart WiFi Router

Netgear Nighthawk Setup via routerlogin: Do you own a Nighthawk Smart Router? Do you play games a lot? Then you took the right choice of selecting the best smart router in the market. Netgear Nighthawk AC1900 Router (R7000) is one among them. This one is specially designed for gaming, streaming and managing the settings from the mobile device itself. Since this Gigabit Wifi router has equipped with 1GHz dual-core processor, it gives the best experience with greater speeds therefore you can enjoy lower lag time and less buffering. It has the most advanced features like controlling the whole device using Netgear Genie App, OpenVPN, ReadyCloud, etc.

netgear nighthawk router

But here is the catch. Buying Netgear Nighthawk Router alone won’t enable you to access these outstanding features. As a result, one need to setup it correctly by changing the few settings at admin area. In this tutorial, we will tell how you can get Netgear Nighthawk login page to manage core functions of this smart WiFi router.

Setup Netgear Nighthawk Router

First and foremost step is to prepare your area where you will be placing the new router and then unbox your Nighthawk. Within the boxed package, you will get Nighthawk device, antennas, power adapter, a yellow Ethernet cable and finally an installation guide.

Netgear R7000 Nighthawk Wireless Router

Step 1: Connect the antennas. Align the antennas and connect them to the antenna ports of the router. Of the three, position the center one vertical and other two at 45-degree angle to the center antenna. Probably, it is the recommended configuration for better Wifi connectivity.

antenna position

Step 2: If you have any modem connected, disconnect it.

Step 3: Power up your existing Wifi router and connect your yellow Ethernet cable that comes with Nighthawk to the Internet port and another end to Nighthawk Ethernet port.

Step 4: Add power to the Nighthawk Smart Router by connecting the power adapter and switching the power on/off button on the rear panel of the router.

Step 5: Connect the LAN or Ethernet cable to the computer. You can even connect to the computer wirelessly. Find the login credentials to the back of the Nighthawk Router. First of all open up the browser and it will show the Genie screen. Finally, the setup wizard will run automatically, and when finished you will be connected to the Internet.

setup nighthawk netgear smart router

If Genie doesn’t display, close and reopen the web browser. Now type or You will be asked to enter the username and password. Enter username as “admin” and password as “password”. If you see a blank page, do follow this tutorial Router Admin Page Cannot be Displayed (Solved).

Also, you will need to run the setup wizard first before making necessary changes. Go to “Advanced” tab then select “Setup Wizard”. Follow the onscreen instruction and finish the process. It might take few minutes to complete.

The major feature that Nighthawk Smart Router offers is QoS, which means Quality of Service. Furthermore, there are two types; one is upstream, and other is downstream. You need to configure these both manually to get most out of this router.

qos downstream

To set, be on page and move to “Advanced” tab then select “Setup”. Now select “QoS Setup”. Under WMM tab, check both marks. Open the “Upstream QoS” tab to gain access to additional features. Check “Turn Internet Access QoS On” and “Turn Bandwidth Control On” and then check “Uplink Bandwidth Maximum.” Determine the network upload speed using and enter the same here. Make sure to save the changes before moving to Downstream QoS settings.

qos upstream

Furthermore in “Downstream QoS” tab, check the first two options and then save the settings by selecting “Apply.”

Congratulations. On all your devices, Netgear Nighthawk Router now set up for maximum performance. Follow the video tutorial below to understand better.

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