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How to Setup NetGear Wireless Router [Tutorial]

Configuring Netgear Wireless Router is a big hectic task for the non technical users. This tutorials will now explain you the process of setting up the Netgear Wireless Router from getting the Netgear Router Login page or if you failed to get using default URL address provided on the router, you may login to settings page by entering Netgear Router Login IP address. After know this basic information, user can change the wireless settings as their wish and can protect the created wireless network using strong security password. So, why to waste few seconds. Let me jump directly into the tutorial part.

Configure Netgear Wireless Router

Here are the straight forward steps that shows you how to setup any Netgear Wireless Router without any hassles. Make sure to connect all the wires and cables. Lets switch on the Router and all the lights should on.

Step 1: Getting the login page of Netgear Router. Actually, most of the basic routers comes with the default login address like or In case if your failed to login, try this menthod of knowing Netgear Router Login IP address.

Step 2: Hope you got the IP address to access the login page of Netgear router that we are about to configure. When the page asks for credentials, enter Username as “admin” and password as “1234” or “password” (Note: without quotes).

Step 3: Read carefully. In the left sidebar, find “Wireless Settings” and then select it.

Step 4: Change the SSID name (name that shows on your smartphone or laptop to connect with the network), Region. If you are unsure about the other settings leave the default settings as it is.

Step 5: Now select the WPA-PSK from the labels and then enter the password.

Setup NetGear Wireless Router

Step 6: That’s it. You now configured the wireless settings of Netgear Router.

Switch on any other device. It will show the SSID name that you have created in Step 4. Connect to it by enter the password created in Step 5. Hope this tutorial helped you in setting up the Netgear Wireless Router. Keep sharing.


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