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Manage Netgear Router using Netgear Genie App

Netgear Genie Wifi Analyzer App: Would you like to configure and manage the home router graphically using a simple application? Then, it is now possible with an authentic desktop application called Netgear Genie. No worries if you have Windows or MAC operating systems. Genie app works perfectly on both the platforms. Using this desktop application, even the non-techie person can control & manage the home wireless network from changing SSID to terminating non-authentic users. You can even diagnosis the network connection in case if the home routers act weird. Also, the wow factor of Netgear Genie was, it is available for free of cost and can get from the official website.

Note: It is must have the latest firmware installed on Netgear Router to use Netgear Genie software. An old firmware won’t support all the features.

Netgear Genie

How to use Netgear Genie App?

The main purpose of using this Netgear Genie desktop application is that, an user can control everything directly from the desktop using a simple graphical dashboard to setup the network. So, what all you can do? Here are the things at a glance.

  1. You can perform a speed test. No to use any third-party websites to check the bandwidth.
  2. It is possible to create a separate Guest Network for friends. Now no need to share the master Wi-Fi password with the guests.
  3. User can control the major settings like changing SSID and Password of Wireless network.
  4. Setup Parental controls with ease. With this feature, an user can enable or disable access to selected websites.
  5. Can view a graphical map of connected devices to your Network. Using this, you can terminate any intruder with a single click.

Let us give some brief intro of all the features that were mentioned above. You can even control the same using Genie Mobile App.

Speed Test

Now using Netgear Genie, a broadband user can check the speed given by ISP directly from this application. Furthermore, it will check how fast the PC receives packets from the Internet and can measure the speed threshold by the ISP. This application will show you the download and upload speeds separately.

Netgear Genie App

Guest Network

This particular feature is router dependent. Your Netgear Router should support this feature to create a guest account within Netgear Genie. The primary motive of a guest network is to minimize the access to the content that was shared within the same network. Go to ‘Router Settings’ and then ‘Guest Access’ to enable it. It is possible to change the existing settings later by selecting ‘Modify’ button and the corresponding changes will affect instantly. After enabling this option, you don’t need to share the master password of the network with the guests.

Netgear Wifi Analyzer

Configure Wireless Setting with Genie App

In addition to above things, this is one of the most impressive features that we should mention with Netgear Genie app. 90 out of 100 will face this issue while logging into router dashboard to change or modify the wireless settings. As a result, using wireless settings option within Genie app, we can solve this.

You can change the SSID name and the Wifi password in almost no time with the help of this feature. Test it out. To enable this feature, navigate to ‘Router Settings’ then ‘Wireless settings.’ Modifying any changes later can break down the Internet connection, and you will need to reconnect to the network with modified details.

Parental Control

Most of all, this is something that utmost of the parents are looking for. To enable it, navigate to “Parental Control” option and follow the onscreen instructions by creating OpenDNS account.

Network Map

A network administrator can view all the connected clients graphically using this Netgear Wifi Analytics App. This window will look exactly like the below screen. The green line on the map represents the secure connection, and Red represents failed connection. Therefore make sure to select ‘Notify me of new devices that connect to my network’ to get an alert of a new device who joins to the network.

Netgear Genie Wifi Analyzer

Finally, there are many other Wi-Fi analytics tools available with this excellent piece of Netgear Genie software . We recommend you to go through it once by installing the same on desktop computer. If you feel okay, then stick with it or else you should probably do have to follow the procedure of configuring Netgear Router to enable Wi-Fi manually. Let us know through comment section if you have any issues while using Netgear Genie WiFi analytics desktop application. This one is available for Windows, Mac, Android and for iOS.


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