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How to Change Your Vonage Calling Plan

Change Vonage Calling Plan: Whether you call locally or around the world, Vonage makes it easy to update your current calling plan anytime. To change your Vonage calling plan, go to and sign-in to your online Vonage account. If you are not a subscriber of Vonage, do signup at Select your best plan that suits well to your requirement. There might be some situation where you need to downgrade or upgrade the plan of Vonage login, but visiting the local store or support center might be a tedious task.

change vonage plan

Follow this method if you’re willing to change Vonage calling plan online.

Steps to Change Vonage Calling Plan

Here are the steps that must be executed to modify the existing plan to the one you need.

Step 1: Once you signed in to your online Vonage account, find the summary tab and select “Change Plan.”

Step 2: If you have a single phone number, a pop-up window displays with your current calling plan and the list of calling plans that are available to the particular account. If you have more than one phone number, you must select the desired phone number in “Select a Line” tab and then hit “Next.”

Step 3: All available calling plans will be listed below the current plan details. If a calling plan does not appear, it may no longer be offered or may be a promotional program that is only available to new Vonage customers. Now select the Calling Plan and then hit “Next”.

Step 4: In this step, review the summary that is shown on the console. This screen includes your current, new calling plan, date from when the new plan gets active and the charges.

Step 5: Review the Vonage Terms of Service and check the “I Agree” and hit on “Place Order.”

Step 6: Congratulations. You have successfully changed your Vonage calling plan. An order confirmation email will be sent to the registered email address.

Let us know if you find any difficulty while implementing the steps mentioned above. We are happy to help you regarding on how to change Vonage calling plan.

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